25 November, 2021

You’ll Start Seeing These Every Day, I Predict

Vaccine deadline suspended at Newport News Shipbuilding | 13newsnow.com

Huntington Ingalls Industries, the parent company of Newport News Shipbuilding, has suspended its vaccine deadline as of Tuesday.

The company's CEO shared the news in a letter to employees saying the company confirmed that, except for specific contracts, their contracts, "do not include a requirement to implement the mandate."

The deadline suspension goes into effect immediately.

No one likes the mandates. No one likes hearing that their employees will walk because of it. No one likes the idea of losing business because of it. This is just going to become a bigger and bigger nightmare for Team Biden. The best result for them at this point is likely to lose the battle for it in court. That will at least take a while and in the meantime, many companies who are unsure of the outcome and afraid of getting caught with their pants down, will go ahead and enforce it.

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