24 November, 2021

We Used to Call That ”Propaganda”

Left-Leaning Commission Asks Biden Administration to Counter ‘Disinformation’ (dailysignal.com)

A commission made up of mostly left-leaning figures recommended Monday that the White House counter the spread of disinformation and “dangerous conspiracy theories online.”

The Aspen Institute Commission on Information Disorder released a number of recommendations Monday, which included calling upon the Biden administration to have an “apolitical team” develop a national strategy to tackle the issue.

The group said that although the federal government has recognized the effects of false and misleading information “on public health, elections, businesses, technology, and continued campaigns on communities of color,” it has failed to create a strategy or put leadership on the problem.

There has always been misinformation and disinformation. There has also always been disagreement over the facts and their interpretation. We didn’t use to think “disagreement” was the same as “disinformation” though. Totalitarian regimes do that. They put out propaganda pieces and tell you that anyone who disagrees is a lying traitor. That’s where we are.

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