25 November, 2021

Huh. I Had Forgotten This Was Possible.

Congress should do this more. We have far too much Executive over-reach in the last 12 years or so.

‘An Unconstitutional Invasion’: Republican Senators To Challenge Biden Vaccine Mandate: Report | The Daily Wire

Every Republican senator is expected to challenge the Biden Administration’s vaccine mandate via the Congressional Review Act on Wednesday.

According to a report from Fox News, the Congressional Review Act is “ the official process for Congress to eliminate an executive branch rule.” The mandate, which says that businesses with more than 100 employees must implement a rule by January 4 requiring their workers to get vaccinated or tested weekly for COVID-19.

“President Biden’s vaccine mandate is an unconstitutional invasion of what should be a personal medical decision for every American and an affront to the rights of 80 million American workers,” Indiana Senator Mike Braun told Fox.

He continued, “Today, my Republican colleagues and I will formally challenge this federal overreach, and I urge the Senate to vote in favor of this disapproval resolution when it comes to the Floor for a filibuster-proof, simple-majority vote in early December.”

It seems somewhat silly that enacting the Congressional Review Act which is to stop Executive over-reach requires Presidential approval. Makes the law kind of pointless. I can’t imagine any President going, “oh hey. You’re right. I’ve gone to far. I’ll just sign this and nullify what I’ve done.”

Still makes a point, I guess.

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