26 November, 2021

This Is Good News, Particularly Given Stanford’s History

Stanford president defends campus free speech in face of controversies | The College Fix

The criticism came from a handful of professors, including David Palumbo-Liu, an Antifa sympathizer who sits on a university free speech committee.

Stanford professors have also tried to cancel Scott Atlas, a skeptic of COVID restrictions and a former advisor to President Donald Trump.

“A foundational aspect of our mission is that the university has to be a place that supports and nurtures a diversity of ideas and viewpoints,” President Marc Tessier-Lavigne (pictured) said in his interview with The Stanford Daily. “It’s also central to our educational mission: to prepare students for a world in which you will all have to engage with diverse points of view. Every single day you’re going to be bombarded with them, so we would be failing our students if we didn’t expose you to a diversity of views.”

This is a good sign. I hope he follows up his words with actions. And I hope he inspires others to do the same.

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