24 November, 2021

RFK Jr. Has Always Been an Anti-vaxxer

RFK Jr. Drops COVID Vaccine Bomb – Says Jab Is ‘Killing More People Than All Vaccines Combined’ (lifezette.com)

But this news is disconcerting.

“There have been 17,000 deaths reported to VAERS from the Covid vaccines,” said Kennedy, who is a professor at Pace University. “And that’s more, in the last eight months, than all vaccines – the billions and billions of vaccines – combined over the past 30 years. This vaccine appears to be killing more people than all vaccines combined.”

Others disagree.

Dr. Pradheep J. Shanker, a radiologist from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, responded by claiming that making assessments on the safety of COVID vaccines based on VAERS data is “not accurate.”

“VAERS was intended to cast a wide net to capture any possible or potential complication that even has the remotest possibility of being related to the vaccine,” Shanker told Mediate.

Ok, that’s kind of tiptoeing around the tulips. He says vaccinated people might not really have died from VAERS. But they did die. After taking the vaccine.


This bears watching. I will withhold judgment either way for the moment.

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