24 November, 2021

The GOP Needs to Keep This Fire Burning at Least Through Next November

Parent Activists Warn That Fight for Education Far From Over (dailysignal.com)

“Whether it’s radical transgender policies in our schools, whether it’s putting masks on our children, which is paramount to child abuse, whether it’s forcing vaccines on our children, or whether it’s teaching radical critical race theory in our school systems, educating our teachers to teach that, the lens through which everything is taught, we reject that,” Rep. Bob Good, R-Va., said at a press conference held by the conservative and libertarian advocacy group, FreedomWorks.

Good warned that parents are not going to stand down or “be quieted,” calling for parents to continue fighting for their children by “standing in the gap” when the state or federal government errs.

“One of the things I’ve advocated for is cameras in the classrooms,” Good said, adding:

Parents ought to be able to look at the classroom at any time and see what’s happening in their school systems. Congress has given over $200 billion in funding to the school systems because of the virus and the pandemic, when they only asked for $25 billion from the CDC [Centers for Disease Control and Prevention] to safely reopen. Let’s use some of that money to have greater transparency in the classrooms.

I agree with all of this, particularly the cameras bit. Unless she’s in the bathroom or the shower, I should be able to find my daughter on camera any time of the day. And no, I’m not saying I would. In fact, I’m probably unlikely ever to check. Knowing that I could is sufficient.

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