25 November, 2021

OSHA Blinks

Prediction: The OSHA mandate never goes into effect.

OSHA Suspends Its Vaccine Mandate: What That Means, And What’s Next | The Daily Wire

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) announced Wednesday morning it had temporarily stayed its vaccine mandate for employers of over 100 employees. To date, more than thirty lawsuits have been filed across the country, including the Daily Wire’s

And more here:

[T]he OSHA vaccine mandate’s legality is likely to be decided soon. The Fifth Circuit was unusually quick in its order. The Daily Wire and others have moved in the 6th Circuit to have the entire court hear these cases en banc, bypassing the normal three-judge panel process in order to get a definitive ruling from the 6th Circuit. Litigation would most likely continue to the Supreme Court, appealed by whichever side loses. As of now, employers, if they aren’t healthcare or government contractors, are no longer required by the federal government to mandate employee vaccination.

This is going to the Sixth Circuit which is almost as conservative as the Fifth. It will likely be shot down quickly there also and then possibly go to SCOTUS, if OSHA appeals. I’m not altogether sure that they will. And SCOTUS may decide that since the Fifth and Sixth were in agreement that there is no need to take up the case.

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