24 November, 2021

It’s Sad That It’s Hard to Make a Pro-cop Comic These Days

I wish him luck.

'Thin Blue Line': Veteran comic book writer goes indie to crowdfund pro-cop graphic novel | Just The News

The team behind the pro-police graphic novel "Thin Blue Line" earned some polite rejections from several comic book companies.

The project, focused on a single Latina mom and a fellow cop holding off violent protesters, "isn't what we're currently looking for," one company demurred.

Others weren't so polite.

"Abolish the police," said one response.

"F*** off with this copaganda," another replied.

So the creators took their message directly to the public. Mike Baron, a veteran comic book scribe and author well versed in crowdfunding tactics, turned to Indiegogo.com to fund "Thin Blue Line."

The project met its $8,000 fundraising goal in just five days, and as of Nov. 12 has more than $14,000 in its coffers with 9 days to go.

It’s more than 9 days after this was written, but you can still donate, it appears.

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