26 November, 2021

It Is, and It Will

I said I would rarely do polls. I need to get back to keeping that promise.

Or unmake it.

92% Say Inflation Is A Serious Problem; 56% Say Build Back Better Plan Will Make It Worse (scottrasmussen.com)

Discouraging numbers if you’re the party in charge of the Executive and Legislative Branches, and you’re promoting Build Back Better.

Like the OSHS mandate, the Democrats might be better off now if BBB doesn’t pass. Then they can’t be blamed for its failures, and they can blame the Republicans for not allowing their “solution” to pass.

Ninety-two percent (92%) of voters say that inflation is a serious problem these days. A Scott Rasmussen national survey found that just 5% disagree and 3% are not sure.

Those totals include 64% who consider inflation to be a Very Serious and 2% who say it is Not at All Serious.

The survey also found that 56% believe the Build Back Better plan being considered by Congress will make things worse by increasing inflation. Just 14% think that legislative plan will help by reducing inflation. Nine percent (9%) don’t think the legislation will have any impact on inflation and 22% are not sure.

Voters are not paying much attention to the Congressional debate on President Biden’s proposal. Just 19% know that the infrastructure bill has passed and the Build Back Better plan hasn’t.

Because of that, polling on the topic is heavily dependent upon how the proposed legislation is described. For the questions on inflation, respondents were told that it would increase both government spending and taxes. Nothing else was added to the question.

Other data shows that voters generally believe that more government spending leads to higher inflation. Fifty-seven percent (57%) see inflation as a tax on the poor. Just 23% disagree.

Also, I need to check on Scott Rasmussen. I seem to recall him being kicked out of his own company, which is why he has this new one, and there being some problems with the reputability of his polling.

But there have been so many pollsters with issues over the last decade or so, it’s just as possible I’m thinking of someone else.

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