24 November, 2021

Out: Illegal Alien Sanctuary Cities. In: Vaccination Sanctuary Cities.

City of Oroville declares itself a constitutional republic in stand against Calif. Gov. Newsom’s COVID-19 mandates | One America News Network (oann.com)

Not sure I feel any better about these than I do the other. But sauce for the goose, I guess.

A Northern California city has declared itself a “constitutional republic” city in an effort to take a stand against Democrat Governor Gavin Newsom’s COVID-19 mandates.

In a six-to-one vote earlier this month, the Oroville City Council adopted the resolution, which would oppose state and federal orders it considers as government overreach.

While the designation would not shield the city from federal or state laws, the city’s vice mayor, Scott Thomson, said it’s a largely symbolic push-back against Newsom’s policies.

“It’s just basically drawing the line,” Thomson stated. “It’s not necessarily against one specific mandate. We’re not talking about one mandate that’s been pushing on us recently. It’s a barrage of mandates.”

Hard to argue with that. The mandates are stupid. And don’t accomplish anything. In fact, they may have negative value.

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