24 November, 2021

We Have Lost All Concept of the Freedom of Speech

Catholic Student Suspended From Football After Allegedly Insisting There Are Two Genders. Now He’s Suing The School District. | The Daily Wire

He was on a school bus and got into an argument with another student. He expressed his Catholic beliefs. And got suspended from football for it.

He should sue everyone involved all the way to bankruptcy.

“M.P. had an exchange with a progressive student, who is described as not being transgendered, on a school bus. During the conversation, M.P. relayed his belief informed by Catholic teaching that there are two genders, male and female. This exchange was followed by a conversation between the two students over a text messaging app,” NH Journal reported.

The student in question wanted to be addressed as “they”. That one is a bridge too far for me. Unless you have two heads, you are not “they”. Period. I’m willing to consider the other crazy options such as “ze” or “xe”, but forget “they”. It ain’t happenin’. A singular person can never be a “they”.

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