23 November, 2021

And It’s Time to Go Back to Loudoun County

I haven’t posted about them in at least a day.

Loudoun County Supervisor Labels Protesting Parents ‘Alt-Right.’ Black, Jewish Parents Fire Back. | The Daily Wire

They really have forgotten the first rule of holes.

When you’re in one, stop digging.

A leftist member of the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors labeled parents who have banded together to protest the school districts’ attitude toward sexual assault and alleged support of the teaching of Critical Race Theory in schools “alt-right,” triggering harsh criticism from Jewish and black parents who are part of the protest movement.

Let’s just alienate everyone, shall we?

Elicia Brand, a Jewish Loudoun County mother who has volunteered with the group Fight for Schools, told Fox News, “As a Jewish American, I am completely offended.  I take that as a personal affront. … I support Ian Prior and everything that he is doing for the schools and the parents in every way.” Prior is the Executive Director of Fight for Schools.

Brand, who founded her own group Army of Parents to support Fight for Schools, added, “I know many people in the Fight for Schools organization and not one of them is alt-right, not one of them is far-right, not one of them is racist.” She slammed Briskman, asserting, “She is putting political ideology and the political agenda before the needs of the citizens of Loudoun County and she owes every one of us an apology.” She concluded, “To call us alt-right is a punch in the gut, a stab in the heart for all parents who fight for their children.”

And we call that a smackdown. Really the whole board and most of the administrators in this district need to resign. I’m tired of writing about them.

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