23 November, 2021

I’ve Said This Before, but It Bears Repeating

Ben & Jerry are scum. They’re racist anti-Semite idiot communist totalitarians.

‘Lies, Hate, And Ice Cream’: Ben & Jerry’s Blasted After Calling Rittenhouse Trial ‘Racist,’ Pushing False Info About Teen | The Daily Wire

I’d love to hear how it’s racist when everyone involved was white. Facts don’t matter, though.


“Lies, Hate, & Ice Cream,” tweeted the legal blog Legal Insurrection, which has covered the Rittenhouse trial with insight from attorney and self-defense expert Andrew Branca.

“Again, this case has nothing to do with race. These people have broken brains and have normalized an idiotic and bigoted view of the world. And now major brands promote this garbage,” the popular conservative Twitter pundit AG responded. “And btw they don’t even know the basic facts of the case. No one crossed state lines with an AR-15. @benandjerrys has devoted an insane amount of time promoting garbage and I hope their consumers take note.”


Oh, and they have crappy ice cream too.

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