27 November, 2021

I Wonder if We’ll Ever Know Who Killed Him

It’s pretty certain his death was not an accident and not due to normal causes.

Never Mind Waldo, Where's Hoffa? Back in New Jersey, Tipster Claims – PJ Media

No one knows where union leader Jimmy Hoffa’s body is, but the latest tale claims he is buried in Jersey City, N.J., under a roadway called the Pulaski Skyway, which might look familiar to fans of “The Sopranos.”

The FBI confirmed they conducted a site survey of the area, though they wouldn’t disclose the focus of the search.

“On October 25th & 26th, FBI personnel from the Newark and Detroit field offices completed the survey and that data is currently being analyzed,” FBI Special Agent Mara Schneider wrote in a statement. “Because the affidavit in support of the search warrant was sealed by the court, we are unable to provide any additional information.”

Hoffa’s been rumored to be all over the place. I’ll believe the rumors when they actually find a body.

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