23 November, 2021

You’re Going to Be Treated Like Lepers

Or worse.

Just for not taking a stupid shot.

French citizens without booster shot will be locked out of parts of society (reclaimthenet.org)

The French government recently announced that booster shots are available. All people over 65 are eligible for the booster shots if it has been six months since their second dose of the vaccine.

The government said seniors above the age of 65 who do not get their booster shot when they become eligible will have their vaccine passport deactivated and so they will be locked out of much of society.

If it has been six months since the second dose of the vaccine, the government will allow those eligible five weeks to get the booster shot. The government will begin enforcing the new rule on December 15.

I don’t yet have my booster. I guess I’d be locked out of French society.

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