01 November, 2021

Because He’s a Coward and a Pathetically Weak President

‘How Can You Abandon Us Like This?’ Afghan Special Ops Pilot, Left Behind After U.S. Withdrawal, Says ‘We Are Running Out Of Time’ | The Daily Wire


Colonel Kohistani then posed a question for the military forces who had withdrawn.

“Our question for NATO and Special Operations Units for US, UK, Australia and Italy is this: How can you abandon us like this? Your allies and your comrades. We fought and countered terrorism together. We upheld the same beliefs against the terrorists. Our motto was one and our mission inclusive of both foreign and local efforts. In particular, SMW 777 was one of the best units in Afghanistan,” Colonel Kohistani wrote. “We gathered around the same meeting tables with you, drafted thousands of operational plans together, our mission was one: to counter terrorism: to destroy the enemy, their bases, and the drug trafficking pipelines that funded their operations.”

Well, as I said. We already know the answer. He’s a very weak man, and a horrible President.

This is what you voted for. I hope you realize what you’ve done to America.

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