05 December, 2021

No. There Is No ”Worst”. The Last Two Years Have Been the Worst.

There will always be another variant. Another reason to try to get everyone to panic. Forget it.

I’m through being scared of this dumb virus.

‘Prepare For The Worst’: Fauci Says Travel Bans Won’t Stop Omicron, Too Early To Say If More Lockdowns Are Coming | The Daily Wire

Dr. Anthony Fauci warned Americans Sunday that they should “prepare for the worst” after the emergence of another new coronavirus variant, dubbed omicron, but stopped short of calling for more lockdowns an travel bans.

Forget it. I’m not doing it. You want me cowering under my bed every time a new variant pops up. How long do you think you can do this? Personally, for me, my patience ended about 8 months ago. I’ve had enough. You keep trying to stir up fear. I’m going to continue to ignore you.

“Right now people should be prudent,” Fauci said, noting that any travel during a pandemic posed a risk. “The best way to protect yourself, if you’re going to travel, have to travel, or want to travel, is to get vaccinated and to be prudent when you travel about wearing masks in indoor settings such as if you go to the airport, which is one of the most congregate settings you can imagine. Make sure you wear a mask. Above all vaccination will be the most important way to prevent you from being at such a high risk.”

I’m going to Europe next year. And you can bite me.

“Let’s see what the information that we’re getting in real time tells us,” Fauci concluded, arguing that it might yet be premature to discuss implementing more mandates and lockdowns. “We’ll make decisions based on the science and the evidence the way we always do. But you want to be prepared to do anything and everything. That’s the reason why we’re playing such close attention to this and why we’re all over it.”

Ok, here’s the deal. Until you can convince me that there’s some exit strategy here, some way of returning to life as normal, then you’ve lost me. I’m going to assume you’re going to tell me the sky is falling every three months or so. You know what? I’ve looked up. The sky is still there.

Forget it. I’m long since past having had enough. Scare whom you will. It won’t be me.

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