06 December, 2021

Sounds Like Matt Gaetz Is a Victim, Not a Crook

Florida Man Pleads Guilty To Attempted Extortion Of Matt Gaetz’s Father (lifezette.com)

n a November 22nd press release from the Department of Justice, the 62-year-old man who was charged in late August for the attempted extortion of Matt Gaetz’s father for $25 million has since pleaded guilty to a single count of wire fraud in the case.

Acting United States Attorney for the Northern District of Florida, Jason Coody, announced the plea deal regarding 62-year-old Stephen Alford, who’d apparently spent approximately three weeks between March and April of 2021 trying to defraud Rep. Gaetz’s father out of millions in exchange for a “Presidential Pardon” regarding an investigation into Rep. Gaetz.

The whole thing smelled fishy, but usually when they’re smoke, there’s fire. Glad to see that Gaetz seems to being proven correct.

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