06 December, 2021

Where’s Peng?

European Union Calls For ‘Verifiable Proof’ Of Chinese Tennis Player Peng Shuai’s Safety | The Daily Wire

“The EU joins growing international demands, including by sport professionals, for assurances that she is free and not under threat,” the EU said in a statement. “In this spirit, the EU requests the Chinese government to provide verifiable proof of Peng Shuai’s safety, well-being and whereabouts. The EU urges the Chinese authorities to conduct a full, fair and transparent investigation into her allegations of sexual assault.”

On November 2, Peng posted to Chinese social media that former Vice Premier Zhang Gaoli sexually assaulted her three years ago following a round of tennis, while Zhang’s wife guarded the door. Her post was deleted nearly 30 minutes after publication and Peng’s Weibo account — a Chinese social media platform — was blocked from searchers on the platform.

She was not heard from publicly until a November 17th statement attributed to Peng was shared on Twitter by CGTN — a Chinese state-affiliated media company — where Peng denied her claim that Zhang sexually assaulted her.

Where’s America on this? Why haven’t we said anything? The WTA stood up. Are we that afraid of China? Should I be learning Mandarin (in fairness, I already am, on Duolingo, not out of fear, but out of fun).

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