14 November, 2021

And We Need These, Why?

Errors in Scotland's vaccine passport stop tens of thousands of vaccinated people from fully participating in society (reclaimthenet.org)

More than 40,000 people in Scotland have issues with their vaccine passports. The errors are further interfering with the way of life of many people as vaccine passports are required to enter most entertainment and non-essential venues.

Yes, let’s stop people from being able to go about and live their lives because vaccine passports that we don’t need don’t work.

The errors include the number of doses received, incorrect names and addresses, and “data flow issues” as a result of an individual having received the vaccine at a GP that’s not included in the “national system.”

Scotland introduced vaccine passports in July, initially in paper form before an app was introduced in September. The vaccine passes are required to access most entertainment venues.


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