14 November, 2021

It’s Not Going Well for the State in Wisconsin v. Rittenhouse

Today, however, was even worse.  Two of the state’s own witnesses, and arguably their star witnesses with the greatest immediate personal knowledge of the events surrounding the shootings—journalist Richard McGinnis who was filming and interviewing Kyle that night, and former Army Infantryman Ryan Balch, who was also armed along with Kyle that night—provided lengthy testimony that not only failed to assist the state’s efforts to attack Kyle’s claim of self-defense, their testimony substantively strengthened that claim of self-defense.

He goes on:

What I saw over the first two days of this trial was a bunch of testimony that contributed nothing substantively to degrading any of those four elements, and thus nothing to disprove Kyle Rittenhouse’s claim of self-defense.  There was simply no substantive evidence that undermined any of those four elements of Kyle’s self-defense claim.

What I saw from the State’s witnesses today, however, was far worse.  Not only did their testimony—the testimony which is supposed to be the building blocks for the destruction of the claim of self-defense—not undermine Kyle’s self-defense, much of today’s testimony actually strengthened Kyle’s claim of self-defense.

And perhaps even worse, ADA Binger’s attempts to badger the witness’s testimony into something that might in one’s wildest imaginings resemble a tool to bludgeon self-defense resulted only in him appearing intellectually desperate, and in his witnesses becoming visibly resistant to his badgering.

The prosecution doesn’t have a case, which hampers their ability to present one pretty significantly. Thus, they have to have to resort to distractions and attempt to make Rittenhouse look bad.

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