21 November, 2021

And What Do You Do if the Mayor of the City and the Governor of the State Tell the Police to Stay Away?

Don Lemon Rips Rittenhouse: ‘Vigilantism … If I See Someone Breaking The Law, I Call The Cops’ | The Daily Wire

When you #DefundThePolice and tell rioters and looters to go ahead and do whatever they want, and that the police won’t stop them, you get vigilantes.

Speaking on Friday morning, CNN’s Don Lemon, who looked at the riots plaguing the country in 2020 and tried to justify them, ripped into Kyle Rittenhouse, responding to CNN’s Brianna Marie Keilar calling his actions “white wannabe vigilantism” by agreeing it was “vigilantism,” snapping, “This is the ultimate entitlement,” and adding, “If I see someone breaking the law, I call the cops.”

In January, Lemon justified the protests that had plagued the country with violence and looting during the summer of 2020 as he compared them to the Capitol riot on January 6, saying, “I’m sick of people comparing. You can’t compare what happened this summer to what happened at the Capitol. It’s two different things. … One is built on people, on racial justice, on criminal justice, right, on reform, on police not beating up – or police treating people of color differently than they do whites. Okay? That is not a lie. Those are facts. Go look at them.”

Look. This is very simple. You don’t want people to get shot and killed at riots? Don’t encourage riots. When they happen, shut them down. If that had happened, Rittenhouse’s attackers would still be alive today and Rittenhouse would likely have never traveled to Kenosha.

But you can’t encourage people to get out there and destroy a city and not expect a response. That’s insane and stupid. You should be happy that there weren’t a thousand more incidents like Rittenhouse’s.

Your last name is perfect, Don. You are a Lemon. And you suck.

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