21 November, 2021

As It Should Be

Psaki Says Inflation Is Being Used As A ‘Political Cudgel’ | The Daily Wire

Good of you to notice. Now what are you going to do about it?

“One in four Americans, according to a new survey, have experienced some kind of loss of income as a result of higher prices,” noted one reporter. “The president has expressed concern about this. I know that you were working on different fronts… to address this, but, I mean, how urgent is it? And … is there any sort of specific concern that this is going to affect not just political outcomes, but just the overall economy?”

“First, let me say that, you know, a lot of talk about inflation — I’m not saying from you, but in general out there… it’s become a political cudgel and it shouldn’t be,” Psaki responded. “It’s impacting, as you said, millions of Americans, no matter their political party. And that’s certainly of concern to the president.”

No, actually it should be. It’s the economy, stupid, remember? And inflation hits the pocketbook faster than almost anything else. So far it appears that you have no clear plans on how to deal with it, just “hope”. Hope isn’t going to make my turkey dinner next week cost any less. America needs answers, not hopes and your word that it’s going to go down next year. ‘Cause you haven’t given us any reasons yet to believe your word.

3 more years of this. Oh. My. God.

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