21 November, 2021

I’ll Keep Saying That the Truth Doesn’t Matter to These People

Only the narrative.

Instagram censors suggestions Kyle Rittenhouse acted in self-defense (reclaimthenet.org)

This was before the verdict was delivered, but it doesn’t matter. People should have the right to express their opinions on a trial in progress. And in fact, we now know that the jury decided Rittenhouse did act in self-defense.

So, Instagram was completely wrong and censoring based upon their own beliefs, not on the truth.

In a follow-up post on Instagram, Sarmo was incredulous that the video from the courthouse – which is otherwise being shown on news outlets, without censorship by social media – was qualified as going against the rules enforced by Facebook’s image sharing platform.

The comment Sarmo added to the video showing the distressed teen take the stand said that what the media had done to Rittenhouse was “evil,” and added, “Prayers up for Kyle as he has to relive through this trauma.”

Instagram said this went against its guidelines on violence or dangerous organizations, and the giant stuck to its guns even after Sarmo appealed against the decision to delete the post.

Sarmo wasn’t the only one. Many other users reported similar issues with Instagram.

Ashley St. Clair, a political commentator, also says that Instagram removed a video she posted that showed Kyle Rittenhouse crying during the ongoing trial. Instagram claimed the video violated its policies on supporting violence and dangerous organizations.

“Instagram removed the video I posted of Kyle Rittenhouse crying,” St. Clair explained in a Nov. 10 tweet. “It apparently violates their guidelines on *squints* violence & dangerous organizations. Give me a break!”

Stupid. And wrong. And anti-freedom.

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