22 November, 2021

I’m Amazed the Number Is This Low

For something that is a truism.

57% Say Inflation is a Tax on the Poor; 23% Disagree (scottrasmussen.com)

Who gets hit harder by inflation?  The person with three houses and a yacht, or the person living paycheck to paycheck?

Fifty-seven percent (57%) believe it is accurate to call inflation a tax on the poor. A Scott Rasmussen national survey found that 23% disagree and 20% are not sure.

Sixty-one percent (61%) of Republicans view inflation as a tax on the poor. So do 56% of Independent voters and 55% of Democrats. Fifty-nine percent (59%) of White voters share that view along with 56% of Hispanic voters and 50% of Black voters.

A survey conducted last month found that 59% of voters nationwide believe increased government spending leads to inflation. Only 14% disagree.

That survey also found that  just 22% of voters want Congress and the President to increase federal spending next year. Thirty-nine percent (39%) want spending to be cut and 21% would like it to remain about the same. That finding reflects a marked change from a year ago when just 14% of voters wanted the government to stop spending more money.

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