14 November, 2021

Once Again, Manchin Is Right

Manchin Doubles Down On Paid Family Leave Stance | The Daily Wire

Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) doubled down on his stance against including paid family leave in the Democrats’ massive social spending reconciliation bill on Thursday, even as House leaders attempted to secure a vote on the bill.

It’s worth pointing out that he’s not opposed to paid family leave. In fact, he’s in favor of it. He just thinks it should be in a separate bipartisan bill that is supported both by businesses and the government.

Manchin said he doesn’t think paid family leave belongs in the bill, saying, “That’s a piece of legislation that really is needed from the standpoint: if we do it and do it right.”

He said a policy of paid family leave with participation between employers and workers should be completed, saying, “We can do that in a bipartisan way. We can make sure it’s lasting.”

The problem with a lot of things like paid family leave, is that while they sound great (and probably are) for most Americans, you have to make a way for small businesses to have it without bankrupting them. Very few small businesses would be able to afford such a cost, and without it they can’t compete for talent with bigger businesses.

We ran into this ourselves when I was running a consulting company. We didn’t have health insurance for the longest time, and then when we finally did, it cost more and offered less than what other companies were able to offer.

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