14 November, 2021

Racism Rampant on MSNBC

Quelle surprise!

MSNBC Slammed Over ‘Disgusting Racist Rant’ Attacking Black Republican: ‘Unbelievably Insidious’ | The Daily Wire

Watch this, if you can.

At least they got properly slammed for it.

A few of the better responses:

  • Colin Wright, evolutionary biologist: “This is one of the more disgusting racist rants I’ve heard in a while. The ideology producing this is unbelievably insidious. I just can’t fathom how so many self-proclaimed “anti-racists” are unable to see this rant as the epitome of what they claim to be against.”
  • Brian Riedl, economist: “This is more racist than anything you’ll see on Fox News.”
  • The New Liberals Podcast: “I’m on my way to a nice date, so I don’t want to get my blood up, but: It offends me to my very bones that this is accepted in polite society. It offends me that the host nods along. It offends me that his mic wasn’t cut. It offends me that he’ll be praised for saying this. I likely would not have voted for @WinsomeSears , had I had the opportunity. But she is her own woman. She is not a g*****n puppet. Show some respect.”
  • Rita Panahi, political commentator: “Disgusting racism from @MSNBC These ‘anti-racists’ are proudly, boldly racist. Gross.”

Notice that some of these are from the left.

Racism is racism no matter where it comes from. Personally, I find the left to be far more racist than the right in almost every way. But, when I see it on the right, I call it out there too. It’s disgusting and vile and should not be tolerated, even (especially) if it’s from people you otherwise agree with.



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