07 November, 2021

Our Defense Forces Need to Concentrate More on Defense and Less on Pronouns

Devin Nunes Tees Off On Biden: ‘We Can’t Counter Hypersonic Missile Launch With Better Pronoun Usage’ | The Daily Wire

Nunes warned that the Intelligence Community “seems to be increasingly focused on issues that distract from that mission, the indications ranging from trivial recruitment videos to major intelligence estimates show that an infatuation with left-wing dogma and politicized actions that have nothing to do with deterring our enemies and winning wars.”

“Meanwhile, the international threat matrix does not take time out as our national security agencies become enthralled by critical race theory and pronoun etiquette,” Nunes said. “To the contrary, we’re facing an array of pressing challenges, including but not limited to China’s increasing aggressiveness towards Taiwan alongside its systemic campaign of intellectual property theft, espionage, currency manipulation, corporate corrosion, and cyber crimes against the United States and our allies. China’s testing of hypersonic missile which, according to press reports, took the intelligence community by surprise.

Our entire government apparatus has forgotten to work on what they are tasked to do. They are all focused on social issues and not on doing their jobs.

I don’t mean to discount social issues. They are important. Or at least some of them are. But not at the cost of ignoring the mission. What good is getting your pronouns right if you’re conquered by a foreign nation?

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