22 November, 2021

People Are Finally Starting to Rise up Against These Authoritarians

Maybe we’ve finally had enough.

I know that I have.

Thousands protest against COVID-19 bill in Melbourne, Australia | One America News Network (oann.com)

Thousands took to the streets of Melbourne, Australia to protest the city’s COVID restrictions.

Demonstrators marched through downtown Melbourne on Saturday, expressing their outrage over a proposed bill which would expand the state’s emergency powers. The proposed “Pandemic Management Bill 2021” would give Victoria leadership more powers, including the ability to declare a pandemic and impose further travel restrictions and mask mandates.

Opponents of the bill question the science behind the law, asserting the lockdowns have had major affects on young people.

“These past two years have been pure hell for our families. The isolation, segregation and breaking of the family unit needs to desist,” announced one activist to the crowd. “What are the true statistics on our children and young mental health? I would love it if they would report the increase of the suicide rates amongst our young people.”

I can’t argue with any of that. I feel the last two years have been absolutely terrible for my children. I don’t know if they’ll ever be whole again. It makes me sad every day.

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