14 November, 2021

Really, These People Have Gone Completely Around the Bend

Families could be denied death benefits for unvaccinated loved ones: Report | Just The News

Families of unvaccinated workers may not receive death benefits if the person dies of COVID-19, says Kaiser Health News.

In an article on its website, KHN said the New York's Metropolitan Transportation Authority is denying $500,000 death benefits to the families of the unvaccinated subway, bus and commuter workers.

"It strikes me as needlessly cruel," lawyer Mark DeBofsky, who represents workers in benefit disputes, told CNN.

Other employers are are considering the federal vaccine mandate as justification for denying potential death benefits, or insurance claims based on someone's vaccination status.

What has happened to our world in the last two years? I’m beginning to think that one of the unknown side effects of the China virus is insanity, because no sane society would put up with these kinds of ideas. And yet they’re becoming more and more mainstream.

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