21 November, 2021

Stop Means They’ve Already Started

We really need to get to the bottom of why this investigation is even taking place. Someone needs to be asked some pointed questions, and they better deliver direct answers.

Judge Orders FBI to Stop Search of Project Veritas Founder O'Keefe's Phone Following Raid – PJ Media

The FBI has been ordered by a federal judge to stop plundering information from James O’Keefe’s phone following a raid on his home and other properties connected with Project Veritas last weekend.

The raid was a chilling and frightening overreach by law enforcement of protected journalistic work product. O’Keefe has said that his phone offers a window into what other projects he and his staff are working on — projects the Biden Administration may not want him to cover.

The FBI raided O’Keefe’s apartment about 6 a.m. on Saturday with a phalanx of agents taking his electronics and other information, which they claimed would help discover how the journalist came into possession of President Biden’s daughter’s diary.

This is a frightening attack on Freedom of the Press.

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