06 December, 2021

Author David L. Burkhead States It Bluntly

And I agree with him.

I’m going to be blunt – The Writer in Black

If you are outraged by the Rittenhouse verdict then there is one of three possibilities: You are ignorant, you are stupid, or you are evil. Although you might be in more than one of those categories simultaneously, there is no fourth category*.

It bothers me that he has an asterisk there at the end, but let’s see where he goes.

He discusses ignorance, first. There’s a lot here, so let me excerpt.

ou might not know that there is no legal bar to crossing state lines to clean up graffiti (why Kyle was there in the first place) or to help guard someone’s property. You might not know that it was perfectly legal for Kyle to be carrying a rifle for his own protection–which was why the judge dismissed that charge out of hand. You might not know, in fact, that he could only carry a rifle or shotgun. The law did, explicitly, forbid him from carrying a handgun.

You might not know that being armed for your own protection, even with something that other people can see (such as a rifle) is not, legally speaking, “provocation” and, does not turn any attacks on you into “mutual combat.”

Amazingly enough, I knew all of those things, but then, I’m not outraged by the verdict.

A little bit more on ignorance.

You might not know that the first person what Kyle shot had made verbal threats to kill him (motive) and then demonstrated means and opportunity by trying to grab Kyle’s weapon. You might not know that the second person shot by Kyle first assaulted him with a deadly weapon[.]


And the third? You might not know that the third admitted, in court, that Kyle did not shoot at him (hitting him in the arm) until he. pointed. a. gun. at. Kyle.

All salient facts. All basically ignore or even misreported by mainstream media.

The problem is, all that information is readily available. And to continue to remain ignorant of it almost requires being willfully so, which is to fall into one of the other two categories.

I’ll disagree slightly with Mr. Burkhead here. I believe there were many “news sources” that deliberately hid or obfuscated these facts. And if you stuck with these as your primary news sources, you might not be willfully ignorant. But you certainly didn’t make any effort to learn the truth. Hopefully you have learned something from this.

Moving on to stupid.

You grasp at straws. “He shouldn’t have been there” and can’t seem to grasp the idea that as a free citizen in a mostly free country he had every right to be there. Indeed, he had more right to be there than did the rioters. Perhaps you can’t grasp the idea that this argument, if valid, wouldn’t apply just to Kyle but to anyone. It is to claim that not only should Kyle not have been there but nobody else should have either.

Yes, I’ve had to explain that to others too, who didn’t get it by the way. If you argue that Kyle “shouldn’t have been there”, then you have to make the same argument about the people he shot. No one seems willing to do that. Stupid.

Then we get to evil.

Perhaps it serves your purposes for the rioters to continue. Perhaps you get political advantage by supporting “protests” which allow you to demonize others for political gain. Perhaps you see the protestors/rioters as being on “your side” and, thus, anyone opposing them is on the “other side” and has to be the bad guy. Perhaps, in this you’re playing Drazi Politics.

In that case, I have some bad news for you: You are one of the bad guys.

Yes. And here I’m looking at most of the Democratic Party.

but what about that asterisk at the top? I’m still worried about that asterisk.

Turns out I need not be. There is one more reason to be outraged at the verdict, and it’s the only good one.

One might be outraged that there was a verdict because there was a trial. Kyle should never have been charged in the first place. And since the prosecutor was not ignorant. He had full access to all the information I referred to above. He was not stupid.

He exonerates the prosecutor on ignorant and stupid, but not the third option, I note.

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