06 December, 2021

One of the Other Tenets of Free Speech Is That It Can Remain Anonymous

Social media firms will be forced to unmask online trolls, says Australia (bitdefender.com)

Apparently that’s not important to Australia.

The Prime Minister of Australia has said his government will introduce legislation which will compel social media companies to "unmask anonymous online trolls," and allow victims to launch defamation proceedings.

Morrison, who is readying himself for a general election next year, says that his legislative reforms will give victims of defamatory online comments two ways to identify their abusers, and resolve disputes:

  1. Global social media platforms will be required to establish a quick, simple and standardised complaints system that ensures defamatory remarks can be removed and trolls identified with their consent.
  2. A new Federal Court order will be established that requires social media giants to disclose identifying details of trolls to victims, without consent, which will then enable a defamation case to be lodged.

For the record, you don’t have my consent. And if I ever get back on Social Media, it will be through an anonymous account, and I’ll be hooked in through so many VPN’s that you’ll never find me.

Australia is becoming a fascist state.

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