05 December, 2021

Clearly True

Sentencing Of Jan. 6 “Shaman” Jacob Chansley Was Excessive (legalinsurrection.com)

“Without these enhancements, Chansley’s offense level would have been a 12. Given his lack of criminal history, Chansley’s guidelines range thus would have been between 10 to 16 months.”*  And because Chansley had been in custody for nearly one year, he likely would have been released with time served.

Instead, he’s going to spend the next several years in federal prison.

Earlier on in the case, in one of his filings with the court, Chansley’s lawyer said:

“It is no secret the Defendant’s image has become the media driven face of January 6. It is no secret the Defendant’s costume, fur, horns, bare tattoo ridden torso, and iconic dental perfection has caused Defendant to be the go-to image, day-in-day-out, for traditional and social media throughout the world when reporting, discussing, castigating, pitying, insulting, parodying, demonizing, supporting and explaining the events and people involved in the events of January 6.”

Exactly right.

It’s apparent that Biden’s DOJ viewed Chansley as the personification of Jan. 6 itself.  That’s why, instead of recommending a sentence that actually fit the evidence, Chansley’s prosecutors urged that the court adopt baseless sentencing enhancements.

Much much more at the link. This was a totally ridiculous miscarriage of justice.

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