05 December, 2021

Their Existence in the United States Offends Me, so I Really Couldn’t Care Less

Is it Offensive to Illegals to Refer to Them as 'Illegal Alien'? – PJ Media

This blog has always called illegal aliens as illegal aliens, and it will never stop.

State Sen. Julie Gonzales, who co-sponsored the new Colorado law, said during a legislative committee hearing that words such as “illegal” were “dehumanizing and derogatory” when applied to immigrants. Gonzales said the legislation aimed to remove the only place in Colorado statute where “illegal alien” was used to describe people living in the U.S. illegally.

“That language has been offensive for many people,” she said. “And some of the rationale behind that is really rooted in this idea that a person can certainly commit an illegal act, but no human being themselves is illegal.”

Don’t care. Here’s a thought. You don’t like being called illegal aliens? Then leave. That will solve the problem for both of us.

According to U.S. law — a law that Joe Biden wants to change — people here without legal documentation are not “immigrants.” They are “illegal aliens.” The proponents of changing that term use the argument that “words matter.” They most certainly do. And that’s why there must be a sharp dividing line in words and meaning between those people entering the United States, or looking to enter the United States, who come here legally after having received all necessary documents to travel freely and those who do not.

Words do matter. That’s why I am steadfast on this issue. Using the word “immigrant” instead of “alien” implies a legality and a permanence to their status which is manifestly untrue. And removing the word “illegal” takes that one step further.

So, I don’t care if you have hurt feelings over the issue. I don’t care if you somehow manage to get the laws changed. On this blog you will be an illegal alien until the day I die.

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