30 November, 2021

Hasn’t This Been Done About a Thousand Times in Movies?

And I always thought it was fake.

Biometric auth bypassed using fingerprint photo, printer, and glue (bleepingcomputer.com)

As the team demonstrated, stealing the fingerprint is a case of photographing it with any modern smartphone and then generating the negative on a photo manipulation software.

This basic editing step is enough to adequately tone the outlines of the stolen fingerprint and prepare it for the printing step, so no high-res DSLR images are required.

For the printing step, any laser printer accepting acetate sheets would be suitable for the attack. Acetate is typically used for cards, stencils, and overlays, but it's ideal in this case because the laser printer can etch it.

Once the printing is over, the synthetic fingerprint can come together by applying some wood glue on top of the print and letting it dry.


And they demonstrate this fooling the fingerprint sensor on a MacBook Pro.

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