01 December, 2021

BTW, This Is What ”Domestic Terrorism” and ”Insurrection” Look Like

Ax-Wielding Antifa Member Attacks GOP Senator's Office, Dems Give Him Money, FBI Returns Ax – PJ Media

Far-left miscreant Thomas Alexander Starks, 31, of Lisbon, North Dakota, pleaded guilty to destruction of government property last April. Starks brought an ax to Sen. John Hoeven’s office in Fargo on December 21, 2020, and smashed  an intercom and glass door. The attack was captured on video.

Federal guidelines suggested Starks should spend 10–16 months in the hoosegow, but because he is a protected member of Antifa, he was sentenced to mere probation and ordered to pay $2,784 in restitution.

He even got his axe back.

Meanwhile, the “QAnon Shaman” got 41 months in prison. Meanwhile, there are plenty still languishing in jail, wondering if they’ll ever get their day in court.

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