04 December, 2021

Let’s Try a Thought Experiment

Imagine a Kwanzaa parade going on.

A man in an SUV drives through the parade, killing several, injuring dozens.

Moreover, the man has the following characteristics:

  • He’s white
  • He’s a Trump supporter
  • He’s anti-BLM and vocal about it
  • He’s associated with white supremacists

How do you think the media would treat such an event?

They would be literally foaming at the mouth. We’d have non-stop coverage of this. It wouldn’t go away for weeks. It’d be front page news every day. It’d be practically the only thing talked about on cable news.

Now, let’s return to reality.

Xmas fair killer rapped about hating Trump, supported BLM, antisemitic: will be memory-holed soon | Spin, strangeness, and charm (wordpress.com)

So one Darrell E. Brooks apparently drove his SUV into a Waukesha, WI Christmas fair crowd,killing five and wounding many others.

The MSM agitprop “journalists” would have had a field day if he were a “white supremacist” or merely a Trump supporter. Alas for them:

  • He’s actually black
  • Rapped under the moniker “Mathboi Fly” with Trump-bashing lyrics
  • Vocal BLM supporter
  • Parroted black supremacist claptrap, including the idea that white Jews are imposters and black people are the real Jews (which he attributes with approval to none other than Adolf H. [y”sh])

But this story has already practically disappeared, and has been minimized from the very beginning.

Media bias 101. If it doesn’t support the narrative, or can’t be twisted to support the narrative, it must be dismissed.

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