03 December, 2021

Time to Start Arming the Staff

Thieves have figured out that if they go big and bold, snatch and grab is easy. They will keep doing this until someone makes them stop.

Thieves Hit California Apple Store, Make Off With $20,000 Worth Of Loot In ‘Brazen’ Daytime Robbery | The Daily Wire

“Four young men, believed by police to be between the ages of 14 and 18, entered and grabbed the merch before fleeing in what authorities called a ‘brazen daytime burglary’ in broad daylight,” the Daily Mail reported.

“In a brazen daytime burglary in front of customers and staff, the suspects grabbed over $20,000 worth of merchandise from the store and fled the area in an unknown vehicle,” Santa Rosa police said in a statement, according to The Hill.

A group of thieves also hit a Nordstrom store in the Los Angeles area on Wednesday evening, stealing at least seven luxury handbags and assaulting a guard before making a clean getaway.

These were just kids, but they won’t all be. Need to make a show of force to stop these.

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