04 December, 2021

The News Isn’t That Protection Fades, but How Fast

COVID-19 protection wanes after two doses of Pfizer vaccine, study says - UPI.com

Across all age groups, 1.3% tested positive 21-89 days after a second dose, increasing to 2.4% after 90-119 days 4.6% after 120-149 days 10.3% after 150-179 days, and 15.5% after 180 days or more.

Compared with the first 90 days after a second dose, the risk of infection was 2.37-fold higher after 90-119 days 2.66-fold higher after 120-149 days 2.82-fold higher after 150-179 days, and 2.82-fold higher after 180 days or more.

So, I need a booster after 90 days? I’m going to be getting booster vaccinations every three months for the rest of my life? Surely there’s a better plan than this.

COVID-19 vaccination programs worldwide are helping control the spread of the coronavirus, but breakthrough infections still occur in countries with high vaccination rates, and scientists believe this is due to a gradual loss of vaccine-induced immunity over time.

Maybe this should suggest we come up with an alternate plan for dealing with this. Just a thought.

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