03 December, 2021

They Can Read the Writing on the Wall

Despite Approval Rating Of Just 38%, Legacy Media Pushes ‘Presidential Buzz’ For Mayor Pete | The Daily Wire

Nobody likes Kamala. Not in the administration or out. Mayor Pete is young, good looking, and openly gay. Perfect for the left. He was a disaster on the campaign trail, though. But perhaps a couple years of national seasoning can correct that.

“Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg has a higher name recognition and favorability rating than most other Biden Cabinet members, according to a new poll,” the article announced. “The survey, conducted by Morning Consult and Politico, found that 83 percent of registered voters know who Buttigieg is, and 38 percent have a favorable view of the secretary.”

The Hill linked to a Politico Playbook piece, titled “POLITICO Playbook: Buzz grows about Buttigieg 2024.”

I still think they will try to get him in to at least the VP slot before 2024, if they can push Kamala out.

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