04 December, 2021

Their Reaction Is Pearl Clutching

Universities Try to Force a Consensus About the Kyle Rittenhouse Verdict - The Atlantic

Rather than encourage independent scrutiny, administrators on many campuses have issued statements that presuppose answers to hotly contested questions, and assert opinions about the not-guilty verdict in the case and its ostensible significance as though they were matters of community consensus.

The whole episode is an illustration of a bigger problem in academia: Administrators make ideologically selective efforts to soothe the feelings of upset faculty members and students. These actions impose orthodoxies of thought, undermining both intellectual diversity and inclusion. "Certainly," declared a statement by Dwight A. McBride, president of the New School, "the verdict raises questions about … vigilantism in the service of racism and white supremacy." In reality, many observers are far from certain that, when 12 jurors concluded that a white man shot three other white men in self-defense, they were saying anything about white supremacy.

Maybe you should pay attention to the law. Maybe you should pay attention to what the case results are. Maybe you should consider those things, and not your precious feelings. Maybe you might learn something.

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