02 December, 2021

Sadly, I Think He’s Right

Enes Kanter Slams Professional Sports Leagues For Not Speaking Out On China: ‘They’re Scared’ | The Daily Wire

I can think of only two reasons they wouldn’t be standing up to the Chinese. And scared is the one that puts them in the best light.

“You know, you see, there’s so many athletes, so many actors, you know, so many singers and rappers out there,” Kanter said. “They’re scared. They’re scared to say a word because they care too much about their money. They care too much about their endorsement deals. They care too much about what the teams that they play for are going to say. But, you know, they should know one thing: It should be morals and principles over money. It shouldn’t be the opposite way.”

“And it’s so important, especially athletes, because there are so many young generation out there are watching us and idolizing us,” he continued. “So, if we don’t stand up against this dictatorships who will? So, to me it was really important. And I do feel alone, yes, because so many, you know, people out there are scared to say a word because they care too much about the business side of it. But to me, human rights are way more important than everything you can offer me.”

He has courage. I hope he can create a movement, actually. But I doubt it. It’s funny, the libs of 50 years ago, maybe even 20 years ago, would have been on his side. But that’s not what “progressive” means anymore.

Good luck, Enes.

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