04 December, 2021

Elizabeth Warren: Call Your Office

Director of Native Health Research in Canada Forced to Resign – PJ Media


Colleagues got suspicious as she began adding on to her lineage of native tribes. She claimed to be a member of the Métis Nation. She also claimed Anishinaabe heritage and asserted that she’s a descendant of the Tlingit, a small group of Indigenous people from the Yukon and British Columbia.

The Canadian Broadcasting Company traced her ancestry and didn’t find a drop of native blood. It turns out Ms. Bourassa descended from immigrant farmers who hailed from Russia, Poland, and Czechoslovakia.


So, this would be actual cultural appropriation.


She said her saving grace was her Métis grandfather, who would often sit her on his knee and tell her “you’re going to be a doctor or a lawyer.”

“He would make me repeat it over and over as there was chaos going on, usually violence,” Bourassa said. “And why would he make me say that? Because there was nobody in my family that had ever gone past Grade 8.”

She’s more fake than professional wrestling. That’s funny.

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