02 December, 2021

The Media Wants to Make Sure That You Never Think of This as a Domestic Terror Incident

Media Calls Waukesha Fatal Car-Ramming A ‘Crash.’ They Called 2017 Charlottesville Car-Ramming An ‘Attack.’ | The Daily Wire

This is a “crash” not an attack. It was just an accident.

Don’t watch the videos if you believe that. Or maybe you should.

After the horrific brutality in Waukesha, Wisconsin, in which a man rammed his SUV into marchers in a Christmas parade, causing the deaths of at least six people, including a small child and injuries to scores of others, many media outlets eschewed calling what happened an attack, instead using terms such as “parade crash,” or “parade tragedy,” unlike their coverage of the car-ramming at the 2017 Charlottesville rally which they commonly referred to as an “attack.”

Of Waukesha, the Associated Press titled an article, “Child is 6th death in Waukesha parade crash; suspect charged.”

As recently as November 8, the Associated Press referred to the 2017 Charlottesville occurrence when a man rammed his car into what AP called a peaceful group of protesters, killing one woman and dozens of others injured, as a “car attack,” using the title “Woman recalls total ‘terror’ of Charlottesville car attack.”

On Tuesday, CBS News called the Waukesha car-ramming a “deadly Christmas parade crash.”

This is all deliberate. These people are advanced word smiths. Choices like these are rarely random or accidental. They don’t want you to think of it as an attack. If you do, then you’ll start thinking about motive, and they really don’t want you to do that.

Lots of samples at the link. This is one of my favorites:

CNN on Monday: “At least 5 dead in parade tragedy, Waukesha city government confirms.”

CNN March 2019: “Charlottesville car attacker pleads guilty to 29 hate crimes and avoids the death penalty.”

it’s not an accident, just like the “crash” wasn’t.

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