30 November, 2021

Yes, This Story Doesn’t Fit the Narrative, so It Will Disappear

We talked about Kyle Rittenhouse for over a year. We won’t talk about Waukesha for over a month. I guarantee it.

Get ready to forget the Waukesha attack - The Spectator World

The horrific attack immediately made national news because of the death toll and brutal nature of the crime. Videos surfaced online showing the driver veering towards members of the parade and narrowly missing many others. Sunday’s incident appeared eerily similar to the 2016 Berlin terror attack, where an ISIS member killed twelve people by ramming his truck through a Christmas market.

However it seems probable that Waukesha will be memory-holed by the agenda-driven media because Brooks was a black man and, according to his social media, an anti-white supporter of Black Lives Matter. This doesn’t comport with the leftist media’s demonization of white men, whose alleged privilege and toxicity are the biggest threat to America.

This event was everything the media claimed the Rittenhouse event was, with black racism supplanting “white supremacy”. But it’s the reverse, so it will be memory-holed faster than you can say “Kyle Rittenhouse acquitted on all counts”.

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