01 December, 2021

They Should Be Careful. Someone Might Hold Them Down and Give Them a Shot in Return.

Sen. Rand Paul: Ideologues Are Pushing Vaccine Mandates for Children (dailysignal.com)

“These are the same people that want to teach critical race theory,” the Kentucky Republican said in an interview Thursday with The Daily Signal. “They’re the same people that want to teach your kindergartner that if they’re a boy, they can easily become a girl. ”

“This is the craziness being foisted upon our children in school, but it’s also the same crazy people that want to hold your kid down and give them a shot without your permission, and we need to fight back,” he said.

Do that to my kid and you’ll feel my wrath. Hell hath no fury, indeed. My patience for people harming my children is pretty much non-existent. And I doubt that I’m very much different from most parents.

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