03 December, 2021

A Symbol for the Entire Presidency

U.S. Presidential Helicopter Lockheed VH-92 Unreliable in Crisis: Pentagon – Bloomberg

“Unreliable in Crisis” – You just described Joe Biden’s Presidency.

The VH-92 helicopter program is a $5 billion, 23-aircraft program to replace the current aging fleet used by the president and other top officials. The previously unpublished testing report, dated Sept. 28, said the aircraft is “operationally effective” for routine “administrative” missions like a run to Camp David or delivering the president to Joint Base Andrews outside Washington for a preplanned trip on Air Force One.

But it wasn’t effective “for the contingency operation mission,” a reference to emergency flights. The “Mission Communication System (MCS) often delayed critical communications at the beginning of contingency missions and did not adequately support timely, continuous and secure communications,” the test office found.

I am sure it will be fixed. And to be fair, I’m mocking the White House, but they didn’t cause the issues here. This chopper has been in design and development for years.

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