01 December, 2021

Well, One of Them Was Armed With a Deadly Weapon, Kindergarten Scissors

WATCH: Two Moms Who Oppose CRT, Mask Mandates Arrested At Georgia School Board Meeting | The Daily Wire

Two mothers who oppose school mask mandates and Critical Race Theory in their children’s curricula were arrested Thursday at a school board meeting in Georgia.

The arrests happened one right after another near a security checkpoint with brand new metal detectors at the Gwinnett County Public Schools district headquarters, just before a school board meeting began.

The Gwinnett County school district, just northeast of Atlanta, is the largest in the state and serves more than 180,000 students.

You think these people would have learned from the Trump experience. You start treating parents like criminals and they decide they have nothing to lose by actually acting like criminals.

Or, in other words: you want more Trump? Because this is how you get more Trump.

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