30 November, 2021

They Were Openly Rooting for Him in 2015, Too. How’d That Work Out?

Democrats Are Openly Rooting for Donald Trump (freebeacon.com)

Before I start, I just want you all to remember this:

Barry Goodman, a Democratic donor who served on Biden's national finance committee during the 2020 campaign, recently told the Washington Post that he and many other party donors are "praying that Trump runs." Because Trump is an existential threat to democracy, Goodman argued, American voters "are not going to put that despot in office one more time," no matter who Democrats nominate in 2024. If that sounds familiar, it's because some Democrats made the exact same argument in 2016.

The Lincoln Project, a disgraced Democratic super PAC and neo-Nazi cosplay troupe, is actively working to ensure that Trump runs and wins the nomination. "We believe if we narrow the field and it's only Trump in 2024, it's an easy choice for Americans to say ‘no,'" Lincoln Project cofounder Rick Wilson told CNN.

Yeah. Watch that video again. They all thought he was a joke in 2015 & 2016. How’d that work out?

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